DMARC Compliance

The Good Stuff About DMARC

When you use DMARC, good things happen! 

  • STOP Email Fakes: DMARC helps you see who’s using your email and stops anyone who shouldn’t from sending emails on your behalf. It’s like a security guard that makes sure it’s from the right source and not a spoofed imitation.
  • Emails You Can Trust: Your emails become super reliable. No more worrying about emails getting lost or not delivered. DMARC is like the rock-solid foundation for email.
  • Following the Rules: Many policies and laws now say you should use DMARC to keep things safe. Even cybersecurity insurance companies want you to use it.

In simple terms, if you use email, DMARC is your friend. It keeps your emails real and trustworthy. 

Ingressum DMARC implementaion stops fraud and phishing by rejecting illegitimate usage of your email domains.


Office 365


OnPremise Email

DMARC Compliant Appliances and Cloud Services Providers include :

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Protection against cyber threats both visible and those hidden “outside the flags !”